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Setting the Scene...

Artfully Chocolate combines the passions of Eric Nelson, owner and artist, and his friend, Rob Kingsbury — chocolatier extraordinaire.

Eric began his journey as an artist after he figuratively jumped off a cliff by leaving his long career as an executive in a trade association. He decided that his creative streak (and who knew--an entrepreneurial streak) needed to be set free.

At first, he showed his artwork in galleries. But he quickly decided to open a venue of his own, a place to show and sell his work, and to combine it with something that would attract the type of person who would appreciate his art. Of course, that something was fine chocolate.

So, he turned to his friend, Rob Kingsbury, and voila! Artfully Chocolate was formed. Part art gallery, part chocolatier, part cocoa bar and completely fabulous!

Act I: Cocoa Bar Café



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